The Dance Shack


Part of our Fitness classes.


We offer a variety of fitness classes at The Dance Shack to compliment our core disciplines.
Here are the ones we are currently offering:
Primal is really taking things back to basics.
In this class we ask you to forget everything you know about movement and teach you how to move in a variety of animalistic styles, giving your body a workout in a way you never even knew was possible.
Each week we will be working on advancing the movements from the previous week and adding in one new method. If you like rolling about and moving about on all fours then this is definitely something to give a try. While this class is suitable for all levels, it may not be suitable for anyone without full freedom of movement.
With most of our disciplines, something which helps immensely is the ability to balance. For some people this is not a natural ability, but like many things in life… We can help. Balance class combines static poses, transitionary movement, hand balancing, acro and equipment based exercises. An ideal class for those looking to improve their balance and transitions.



Thursday: 20:00 – 20:30 (Balance)

Thursday: 20:30 – 21:00 (Primal)


Wear whatever you feel comfortable in as long as it’s relatively form fitting due to baggier clothes being unsuitable for work on apparatus.