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We are a performance based dance school specialising in Pole, Aerial arts, and expressive dance, including Burlesque, Ethnic dancing, and circus based movements.

We teach all of our our apparatus based classes using a progressive and structured syllabus tailor made to help your progression through your chosen discipline from beginner through to advanced.

Our dance based classes are instructor led, but student centred. We give you the foundation of the dance style and see where you want to take it.

It really is a studio for all the family too. We run classes for kids, families, teens and adults. There really is something for everyone.

As well as regular weekly classes, we also offer monthly workshops, private lessons, personal training as well as hosting birthday parties, hen/stag parties, and even children’s parties too.

We operate an equal opportunities policy meaning that all classes are mixed gender as we truly feel that everyone should be able to access the type of class that they wish to attend.


Welcome to The Dance Shack, a place where dreams come true and the fun never stops. Our studio may be small, but it is mighty!

We do however have space for 8 poles or 4 pieces of aerial equipment, as well as plenty of dance space when the equipment is stored away (on the ceiling!). We even have a Ballet Barre for when things get a bit classical!

We also run floor based classes, and have plenty of chairs for when we need those too… It really does have it all.

At The Dance Shack we also integrate technology seamlessly into our teaching style, since examples of what we are working can easily be displayed on either of our information screens, situated so that no matter where you are in the studio, you can see one of the screens clearly.

We have also just added a small changing area with storage so that there is no clutter laying around during class time.

There are mirrors all over the studio too, so that you can always check that you are using correct form during your lessons.

On entering The Dance Shack, we have recently installed an automatic hand sanitiser in the waiting area for yours and others safety.



Hoop, Development, & Pole
Style: Neo Hippy

Likes: Ethnic Dancing

Dislikes: Silks (cos they hurt)
” You might not think you are doing well tonight, but you are doing a lot better than the people sat at home on the couch! “


Burlesque + Stage
Style: Classic Cupcake Burlesque

Likes: Old-fashioned Stripping & Charleston

Dislikes: Kitten Heels
” Come and start the journey of becoming a more confident, fabulous version of yourself! “


Style: Determined

Likes: A Challenge on Silks

Dislikes: Fabric Conditioner on Silks
” There’s no such thing as can’t, it just takes practice, practice, practice. “


Style: Laid Back

Likes: Hairspray (The Musical)

Dislikes: Odd Socks
” It’s not about being better than someone else, it’s about being better than you used to be. “


Style: Strappy

Likes: Music & Nature

Dislikes: Classical Dance Styles
” I wish I had videos from when I was a beginner so you could see how dreadfully ungraceful I used to be. “


Style: Determined

Likes: Conquering a New Move or Dance

Dislikes: Slippery Silks

” Believe in yourself, you can achieve more than you think. “


Style: Polka Dots & Sensible Shoes

Likes: Seeing people grow in confidence and realising how beautifully their bodies, and all bodies, can move

Dislikes: Standing on a bead that’s fallen off of my coinbelt while barefoot
” Travelling camels are sometimes easier if you pretend you’re Liam Gallagher after a beverage or two. “


Promotion & Advertising
Style: Hardworking

Likes: Designing

Dislikes: Out of Line Graphics & Comic Sans

” This is the more aesthetically pleasing… “


Its not just the actual classes that we put the work into, but behind the scenes there is so much to be done from regular equipment checks as well as maintenance and training.

Here at The Dance Shack we treat health and safety very seriously.

Not only do we only use the best quality industry standard equipment that we can source, but we also keep up to date with what advancements are being made within our industry.

In Every Class there is a registered First Aider, as well as a fully stocked first aid kit.

We take our training very seriously, which is why we have a lot of relevant qualifications that many other studios overlook.

Below are examples of the training that we have undertaken, which will be added to constantly as student safety, and how to keep our studio as safe as we can is of utmost importance to us.

This means that you can relax in class knowing that it’s as safe as we can make it.


Class Size

Due to the compact size of our studio, all classes are limited in numbers.
We believe that every student deserves plenty of space, and we limit numbers on each piece of apparatus.

The following numbers indicate the maximum amount of students per class:
Pole – 14
Polesilks – 6
Hoop – 12
Silks – 9
Hammock – 9
Yogaerial – 6
Fitness Based – 10
Dance Based – 10

What to wear?

One of the first questions we get asked by potential new students is… ‘What should I wear?’

If you need specifics on each class, we have listed an appropriate apparel listing at the bottom of every individual class post, but this is the basics for you to to view just now.

Pole, Polesilks & Hoop
Shorts and T-shirt/Vest for beginners. Please note that bare legs are essential for maintaining correct grip to the apparatus.

Gloves are not recommended as they do not allow the skin to be conditioned to contact with the apparatus.

Silks, Hammock & Yogaerial
Leggings and T-shirt/Vest. Due to the friction created between you and the aerial fabric, we recommend leggings as they help stop rubbing and give some protection against friction burns.

Gloves are not recommended for beginners due to them not allowing any skin conditioning.

Fitness Based Classes
Wear whatever you feel comfortable in as long as it’s relatively form fitting due to baggier clothes being unsuitable for work on apparatus.

Dance Based Classes
Shorts or leggings with a comfortable top.

Specific shoes may be needed depending on the class, so please check your specific class for further info.

Things which may be handy.
For pole and hoop a cloth or towel is handy to wipe down the apparatus. Antibacterial spray is provided by the studio.

For Dance or Floor work classes, knee pads can be handy, the soft stretchy type is perfect. Ballet pumps are also great for those who don’t want to be barefoot where applicable.

Zero Waste Policy

As we have a zero waste policy at The Dance Shack we ask that you bring a reusable water bottle, which can be filled up at the studio if need be. If you forget your water bottle and bring a single use plastic bottle, you must take it home.

We also operate a ‘Food free’ studio as this cuts down on waste and food smells which are unsuitable for our studio.
You may however bring a piece of fruit with you if you are attending multiple classes on the condition that you take any waste home with you.