The Dance Shack


Part of our Dance Based classes.


This is our main area of dance expertise and we can’t even begin to say enough positive things about it.
Here at The Dance Shack we truly believe that everyone is unique and beautiful, and in our burlesque classes we teach you how to make the most of your unique talents and abilities.

While often associated with stripping, the true glory of burlesque is that that could mean the removal of all of your clothes… Or a single glove!

Burlesque will teach you how to not only accept your own body, but how to absolutely revel in it!

One of the great joys of burlesque is also that you can use props, sets and other dancers to truly create a piece of art like no other.

While many places that teach burlesque, tend to teach through emulation, we teach through a method of self discovery and expression. While we do of course teach basics to everyone at the start of their journey, we very much encourage our students to take those basics and make them their own.

Once we feel comfortable that you have learned enough skills in our burlesque class, you will be invited to join our ‘Stage’ class, where you will further develop your abilities by learning to work with others to create more complex dances using techniques only available to you at that level.

The final level of Burlesque training that we offer at The Dance Shack is ‘Vaudeville’, which is where we teach you how to perform with advanced level props as well as offering you the opportunity to help choreograph group routines along with other class members to truly push ourselves onto the professional circuit.

If you are looking for a class which helps build confidence and self belief… Then there is no finer place to start your journey than Burlesque.



Monday: 20:45 – 21:30 (Vaudeville)
Tuesday: 18:00 – 19:00
Friday: 17:30 – 18:30 (Stage)


Shorts or leggings with a comfortable top.

Specific shoes may be needed depending on the class.